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Gas Analytical Services

Calorific Analysis

Analysis of natural gas through gas chromatography by ASTM D-1945/D1946 for:
  • Natural gas from wellhead to plant fuel usage
  • Coalbed/Coalmine Methane
  • Landfill, Digester and other alternative fuels
  • Identification of hydrocarbon gas components and inerts, gas density (specific gravity) and supercompressibility utilizing AGA8

Sulfur Quantification

Sulfur speciation (GPA-2199) provides breakdown of Sulfide, Mercaptan, and Disulfude compounds. Sulfur compounds are gaining attention from a corrosion perspective, and speciation may be necessary for pipeline and emmissions compliance. Total sulfur (ASTM D3246 / GPA-2286) provides total amount (ppm) of sulfur compounds in natural gas for applications where speciation is not necessary. Total sulfur is often acceptable for emmisions compliance.

ProTrend – Fluid Composition Data Management

ProTrend is a superior web-enabled tool that simplifies fluid analysis management, while improving the accuracy and integrity of fluid compositions used in measurement and product allocation systems. The functionality of ProTrend far exceeds the capability offered by lab viewer software and allows users to store all analyses in a single database, regardless of the lab that performs the analysis.

Carbon Isotope Ratio Testing

Carbon Isotope Ratios can be analyzed for natural gas source determination. Carbon Isotope Ratios are the basis of all carbon dating techniques. In the natural gas industry, isotope ratios can be used to to determine the source of a leak, predict commingled gas streams for storage applications, and determine the geologic source of gas.

Extended Analysis

New wells and certain emissions applications require sophisticated detail analysis of natural gas. GAS Analytical Services offers BTEX, C10+ and C14+ analysis using the GPA-2286 method.

Hydrocarbon Dewpoint Determination

Hydrocarbon Dewpoint plots can be developed from the results of an extended analysis. These plots can be used for phase change predictions and help determine operational parameters.

Repairs and Restoration

Texas Gas Measurement Service Now Offers circuit board repair for the wellhead automation industry. We provide repairs on a wide variety of RTUs.ABB Totalflow, Thermo Flow Automation, Emerson Fisher Roc, Teleflow, Bristol Babcock and GE MDS radios! Our repairs are performed using state-of-the-art electronic equipment and technical knowledge. In addition, we put each board through rigorous testing to ensure its operability before returning the board to you. All repairs meet the manufacture requirements for component replacement. Each repaired unit will include a 1yr warranty on all parts and labor. Most repairs are priced on a flat-rate, with prices that are the best in the industry.Exchange units are available for many of our products. This program allows us to quickly ship you an exchange part so you need not wait while yours is repaired. Please contact us for details In addition to repairs, we can perform calibrations on a variety of field instrumentation.

Remote Monitoring

The ability to be in two places at the same time is now possible. Monitor your production with our remote monitoring tools.


We offer many solutions to get you online and in full communication with your Oil & Gas production. Browse Our Services Section for a complete list of Solutions.

Certified Repair Center

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